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A New Driver’s Guide To Transmission Care

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on A New Driver’s Guide To Transmission Care

If you have just purchased your first vehicle, you will soon find out the importance in doing routine maintenance so it runs its best. Failing to take care of your vehicle can lead to unfortunate repair. One part of your vehicle needing regular maintenance is the transmission. Here are some steps you can take to keep your vehicle’s transmission working correctly, helping you avoid a trip to the auto repair shop for repair work. Check The Fluid If your vehicle does not have adequate fluid in the transmission fluid reservoir, the engine will not receive lubrication needed to shift gears smoothly. This can lead to many troubles including engine wear, overheating, and eventually complete transmission failure. The fluid in the reservoir should be pink. If it appears red or muddy colored, it should be flushed and replaced with new fluid. If your fluid level appears low, check underneath your vehicle for any puddles. If you see a sticky substance in your regular parking spot, your transmission lines may need to be replaced. Start Off Slowly When you first start your vehicle, you may want to allow it to warm up a bit before taking it out on the road. This will help warm the transmission fluid, letting it circulate through engine before you drive away. Most people will allow their vehicle to idle before driving when the weather is very cold. Only a minute or two of idle time is needed to get the fluid running to the proper mechanisms under the hood. This will help save you gas and will let the transmission “break in” before hitting the open road. Drive slowly for a few seconds to allow the transmission fluid to lubricate all parts before accelerating to normal speed. Be Aware When Shifting If you are driving a vehicle with manual transmission, it is important to let the transmission catch up to the gear you are using before shifting the vehicle again to another gear. Bouncing from gear to gear without ample time to have the transmission catch up can cause it to slip. With automatic vehicles, listen for any revving as the vehicle makes its way from a lower gear to a higher one. If the vehicle seems to have trouble settling into gear, bring it to a transmission repair shop right away. You may be able to save yourself from extensive repair work by catching a problem before it escalates into a full-blown transmission replacement...

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Need A New Car Stereo? Two Must-Have Features To Include

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Need A New Car Stereo? Two Must-Have Features To Include

There’s nothing like riding down the road with the sounds of your favorite songs pumping in the background.  Having a good car stereo makes your driving experience much more enjoyable, and can make your daily commute much smoother.  If you’re in the process of getting a new stereo for your car, you’re likely concerned about which features can enhance your sound system so that you can look forward to your time behind the wheel even more.  Use this information to learn more about the must-have features that you should include in your next car stereo system.  Voice Integration Is The Key One of the most important elements that you’ll want to include in your car stereo system is voice integration.  You’ll find that the ability to control your stereo system with voice commands makes it easier for you to keep your mind trained on the road. When you have voice integration, you’ll be able to raise and lower the volume on your music without touching the panel.  In addition, some voice activated systems allow you to merely speak the name of the artist or music genre that you want to listen to, and it instantly pops up in the playlist.  You won’t have to fiddle around with the dials in order to find the music that gets you in the right mood, and this contributes to your safety as a motorist. You Need Sound Without Distortion Another key aspect of a good car stereo involves the volume.  While some car stereos emit sounds that become distorted the louder they play, you want a system that continues to sound flawless no matter how loud you choose to play your music. That’s why you need a good receiver in your car.  You should choose your receiver based upon the level at which sound becomes distorted.  You can test this out by gradually increasing the volume on your car’s stereo to the point where you start to hear a cracking noise.  Note the volume notch that appears on your panel, and be sure to mention this to your car stereo technician so they can install a receiver that can exceed this limit, while still preserving the quality of your sounds. Selecting the right car stereo doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to look for.  When you’re choosing your next car stereo (from an outlet such as Safe & Sound), keep these tips in mind so you can make the right...

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Trailer Braking Safety: How To Brake Without Having An Accident

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Trailer Braking Safety: How To Brake Without Having An Accident

When you are hauling a rental trailer for the first time, you may have to overcome a learning curve as you discover how to drive your trailer. One particular challenge is braking properly to avoid damaging your trailer and vehicle. While you may intend to brake as gradually as possible, unexpected events can place you in danger. Test The Brakes Shortly after beginning your trip, you will want to test your trailer brakes by sliding the brake control lever. If the brakes are working properly, you should feel the trailer brakes actuate. Hold the brakes partway for a few seconds and pull over. Then, use an IR thermometer to make sure the brakes are heating correctly. Brake Properly Based On Your Type Of Brake How the braking of a trailer feels can depend on the type of brakes found on your trailer. Electric brake controllers initiate when a light amount of pressure is applied to brakes. The electric brakes are designed to gradually increase the tension until the trailer can be brought to a halt. This allows you to avoid locking up trailer wheels. These features are useful as long as you give yourself time to slow down and come to a complete stop. However, hydraulic brakes are better if you have to stop suddenly. With electric brakes, you might not be able to stop fast enough to avoid an accident. Drive In A Manner That Reduces Braking Given the challenges of braking, it is best to avoid situations where you have to brake suddenly in the first place. Always drive the speed limit and try to avoid roads that force you to drive fast. In addition to making it more challenging to brake, faster speeds will place more wear and tear on your trailer. Try to maintain enough distance between yourself and the vehicles in front of you so you can always brake fast enough. Avoid applying the trailer brakes except to reduce trailer sway. If your trailer continues to sway, you may need to reload it or consider getting a different trailer.   Practice gradually reducing your speed when you come to a stop. If possible, try to drive in your own lane. Beware that a careless motorist may try to change lanes in front of you, so be prepared to gradually slow down if this occurs. You may feel nervous at first, but with practice, you will be able to drive your trailer rental...

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Nitrogen Nation: Understanding The Benefits Of Nitrogen-Filled Tires

Posted by on Dec 4, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Nitrogen Nation: Understanding The Benefits Of Nitrogen-Filled Tires

An increasing number of tire shops have begun offering nitrogen as a tire filling option in recent years. If you aren’t familiar with how it works or why it’s being offered, you may dismiss it when you buy new tires. Nitrogen use isn’t as new an idea as you may think. It’s a popular option among the racing industry and the airlines, among others. Here’s a look at a few reasons why you should consider opting for a nitrogen fill the next time you’re in the tire shop. It Maintains Consistent Pressure Nitrogen is denser than air, which means that it isn’t as likely to seep through the same small holes that air would. This helps you to maintain more consistent pressure across your tires because you won’t be as likely to experience leaks. This consistency is important, because the tire pressure affects its wear, and uneven pressure in your tires leads to uneven tread wear and handling problems. It Runs Cooler Nitrogen-filled tires typically run a little bit cooler than tires filled with air because nitrogen is more efficient at dispersing heat. This reduces the repeated heating and cooling processes, which will reduce your tire wear over time. It Doesn’t Retain Moisture Compressed air, like that used in tires, retains moisture. There’s always some degree of condensation inside air-filled tires. This can lead to oxidation on the inside of the rims, which leads to rust flakes and other particles that can damage the tires. Nitrogen, on the other hand, doesn’t condensate when compressed, so there’s no moisture retention to be concerned with. It Improves Fuel Efficiency All of these features help you preserve the condition of your tires in a more consistent manner. This is important, because that consistency will help you maintain more consistent fuel efficiency. When your tire condition stays consistent over longer periods, you don’t have the same problems with tires being out of balance or tread wear causing handling problems. This reduces the drag on the tires, which will help you to maintain your fuel economy longer than with air-filled tires. With so many benefits to nitrogen-filled tires, it’s no wonder more shops are offering it every day. If you’ve been on the fence about it or simply didn’t understand why tire shops are providing this option, these benefits can help you see why it is used. For more information, contact F & H Tire Co or a similar...

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Three Towing Options You Should Understand Before Calling A Tow Service

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If you need to have your car towed, you have several different tow truck options to consider. As a driver and car owner, it’s important to understand each of the tow truck choices before you call for help. This way, you’ll be able to request the type of truck you need based on your situation. Here’s a look at the three primary towing methods to choose from the next time you need a tow. Hook and Chain Towing Although hook and chain towing isn’t nearly as common as it has been in the past, it can still be done sometimes with cars that were totaled after an accident. Since this kind of towing process can damage the car further in some instances, it’s usually reserved for cars that are going straight to scrap. Hook and chain towing uses a heavy chain that has a hook on one end. The hook gets secured to the vehicle, while the chains are anchored to the tow truck. Then, the car is towed with all four of the wheels on the ground. Dolly Towing Dolly towing is a process that uses a tow bar attached to either the rear or front axle. Then, a hydraulic system lifts the wheels and axle attached to the tow bar, leaving the other two wheels to roll on the ground. Trucks used for dolly towing are usually smaller than the trucks used for flatbed or other tow cycles. These are ideal for light vehicles and short transportation. It’s also ideal if the car is too wide to fit on a flatbed truck. Flatbed Towing Flatbed towing has become the standard for many tow services, primarily because they are versatile and can tow almost any vehicle. The flat surface on the back of the truck makes it easy to tow cars with axle damage, worn or damaged tires and other problems. Additionally, they’re usually used for four-wheel and all-wheel-drive cars. If you’re concerned about further damage to your car in transit or you just want to be sure that it’s stable and secure, this is a good option. With flatbed towing, the car is attached to a hook and winch system that will pull the car up onto the flatbed surface. Once it’s in place, a set of chains are locked in place around the tires. This keeps your car secure while it’s being transported. No matter what your towing needs, understanding your options will help you to discuss the problem with the towing service and request the truck that you need. For more information, contact a company like Country City...

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4 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Car

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If you are thinking about buying a new car, there are many things that you should consider first. This will then ensure that you are making the right purchase for you; one that you can be happy with and be able to afford long term. Here are four things to consider before purchasing a new car: Know the Interest Rates: The interest rates are the most important things to consider. This is because this is going to tell you exactly how much you are going to be paying for a new car over time. For example, if the interest rate is really high on a $12,000 car, then you could end up spending much more than what the car is really worth. Be sure that you see if you qualify for a low interest rate and determine whether or not you should put down a down payment in order to make the interest rate a bit lower.  Understand the True Cost of the New Car: The cost of your new car is much more than just the price tag amount. In order to be sure that you can afford a new car, you will also want to consider the insurance costs, maintenance costs, and more. By adding these things up, you can determine how much you will really be spending and you can have a better idea of what you can afford and start shopping in that price range alone.  Negotiate: If you are looking for certain price ranges and the car that you want is slightly outside of that price range, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Negotiating on a new car is a great way to get the car that you want at the right price range. Besides, the worst that can come from trying to negotiate is a no.  ​Always Consider Your Lifestyle: Finally, be sure that you choose a vehicle based on your lifestyle. You should never shop for a new car just based on appearance. Instead, considering whether or not you will be having kids or you are planning on having more kids. You want to choose a car that has enough seating. Also, if you move a lot, then you may want a bigger vehicle with more storage space, which can make moving a bit easier on you. Making all these little considerations will also narrow down your choices and ensure that you choose the right car for you.  When you consider these four things before purchasing a new car, you can definitely be sure that you come out of it with the best vehicle for you, your family, and your budget.  ...

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2 Reasons Your Car’s Transmission May Be Malfunctioning

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The transmission in your car is made up of various electronic and hydraulic components that work together to keep your car moving. When it malfunctions, you may hear loud clanging noises, notice that your RPM’s are consistently higher than usual and start to have problems shifting from gear to gear. Here are some reasons that your transmission may be having problems. Low Transmission Fluid Transmission fluid works to keep your entire transmission lubricated so that it doesn’t overheat because of friction caused by all the moving parts. When the level of fluid is low, the transmission won’t be able to work properly. Many times, a low fluid level is caused by a leak. How do you know if you have low levels of transmission fluid? One easy way to check is to wait for your car to be cool down completely, then locate the transmission under the hood and pull out the fluid dipstick. There is a visible line that the fluid should meet; if you are having a problem, you’ll be able to see that the level of fluid is below the line. Another way to know that you’re having a problem with low transmission fluid is to look at your driveway, or anywhere your car has been for a while, before driving away from that spot. If you see a wet patch of red liquid, you know that you have a leak.    Worn or Damaged Transmission Bands Transmission bands are metal bands that surround the transmission and keep the gears in your transmission together. When the bands are worn, damaged or broken, the transmission gears themselves may start to wear down and prematurely fail, potentially causing a major problem for you. To determine whether there is a problem with the transmission bands, simply give them a tug when the car is not powered up. They should not budge. If you can pull them away from the transmission, they may simply need to be tightened, but look for signs of rust and other damage to get an idea of whether they need to be replaced. If so, have a good mechanic put new ones on. Now that you know some of the reasons that you might be having trouble with your transmission, take your car to be seen by a professional like B G & S Transmissions to assess the situation. Should you need transmission repair, it is important to get it taken care of as soon as...

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What You Can Get From A Machine Shop

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If you have a classic car, you have an irreplaceable piece of history. You also have a car that is very hard to repair. In some cases, if a component of your car breaks, you may not be able to get it from the manufacturer. In such cases, your car can become nothing more than a curb decoration. On the other hand, you could contract a machine shop to help you build a new part for your car, and that’s the beginning of what a machine shop can do for you.  What Is a Machine Shop? A machine shop may sound like a place that makes machinery, but in reality, it is simply a place that uses machines to precision craft other materials. For example, a machine shop will have a machine called a lathe. There are two basic components to a lathe. One piece grips the material that you are trying to shape and spins it. The other component contains a blade that scrapes off pieces of the material that you are trying to shape. And this is just the beginning of the tools at a machine shop’s disposal.  The Computer Age In times past a skilled worker would operate the various tools in a machine shop. Learning to use these tools would take time and required a deft hand. Even with the most skilled worker, there is a limit to what people can do. On the other hand, you can now program a computer to make any material that you need, and then it will operate the machines in the shop to make it. With a well-equipped machine shop and the right computer software, a machinist can make whatever part you need for whatever project you have in mind.  Whether you need a component for a classic car or a never-before-imagined piece for an invention, you can work with a machine shop to make those things a reality. All you have to do is sit down with the machinist and show pictures, drawings, or descriptions of what you need. The machinist can then program the computers and machines in the shop to create your piece. While you may not have the skill on your own to make the prototype of a new tool that you are designing or whatever else it is that you need to create, you can talk to a machinist to help you realize your plans. Contact a local machine shop, like Certified Products Co, for more...

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Protect Your Investment And Guarantee An Efficient Harvest – Avoiding Combine Breakdowns

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There is perhaps no piece of agriculture equipment more essential to a fruitful and easy harvest than the combine. Being able to quickly break down stalks and collect the fruit of the harvest without backbreaking labor is the key to the modern farming operation, so protecting your equipment from the rough working conditions is extremely important. Below, you’ll find a guide to some steps for avoiding a breakdown of your combine. Following these suggestions will help protect an extremely valuable piece of equipment and help guarantee that you’re not facing an expensive and untimely repair at precisely the time when you need your agriculture equipment to be at its greatest reliability. Check Your Fields Perhaps nothing does more serious damage to a combine than running over a large and previously unseen deposit of rocks. Not only do the rocks put the equipment at risk of breakdown and damage, but they can also be extremely hazardous to the operator and other people working nearby. Before you begin your harvest, it’s worth the time to meticulously walk your field and look for rock deposits that may become an issue. Clearing away a small amount of rocks is a great deal easier than manually harvesting due to a broken combine, and the time investment will pay off several times over. Avoid Rust Conditions Not only does a rusty combine look bad, but it’s also likely to be structurally weaker than one which has been properly protected. Internal damage may be hard to detect until blades break or other damage occurs, and often times, the water that caused the rust is introduced by well intended operators trying to keep the equipment clean. Rather than using water and hoses to clean off your combine after a harvest, consider using high pressure air instead. This will guarantee that your combine remains clean while also avoiding any risk that water could insidiously seep in and cause lasting damage. Invest In Storage Ultimately, your combine will only remain strong and reliable if it’s under proper storage conditions when not being used. Many farmers simply stash their equipment in an unheated and unsecured barn during long winter months and then find themselves struggling to return it to its best condition when the harvest rolls back around. Instead, properly winterizing your equipment and storing it in a climate controlled facility will help guarantee that it runs just as well when you remove it from storage as it did when you put it away. For more tips, you may want to contact an agricultural equipment supplier, like Creel Tractor...

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Expanding Your Machine Part And Maitenance Company To Offer Logistic Services

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If your company supplies parts and does machine maintenance for other companies and you want to offer a hauling services as well, there are a few easy ways to get this service up and going. Logistics is a valuable market to get into, and this is a great way to expand your business. You can start a machine hauling business at a low cost if you know how to market and what to buy. Here are a few key important steps to take to get things going.  Find Used Mack Trucks Used mack trucks are going to be far more affordable than new vehicles, and you won’t have to spend a lot while you’re starting your company. Have a certified truck mechanic check out any used truck before you buy, and make sure you compare multiple vehicles to ensure you aren’t paying too high a price. Get Insurance Call your company lawyer and insurance provider to ensure you have all the right coverage for this type of business. You want your drivers and all property they are hauling to be covered, so you don’t have liability issues. The companies you haul for will also want to see proof of your insurance, to ensure their machines are covered on your truck. Advertise to Current Customers First let all the current companies you do maintenance and supply parts for know that you’re going to be offering a hauling service. This is going to be free advertisement, and it’s a great way to get your business up and running. They can give you references and help spread the word about your business. Besides current customers, you can use social media and a website to attract other local companies. Hire Part-Time Drivers Adding more full-time employees to your company may be an expense you aren’t ready to take on. Instead, make the drivers 1099 employees, or only have them come on as part-time workers. This way you aren’t required to offer them full-time benefits at all.    There are always companies that are looking to get drivers to haul machinery and other heavy equipment, and offering this service is a great way to increase your annual business profits. Look at the different mack trucks available to buy at a low cost (from an outlet such as Arrow Truck Sales), and drivers that are willing to work for you without being a full time employee to get your business going. You may already have all the customers you...

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