Early Warning Signs Of A Car Battery Dying

There are few things more frustrating than starting your car and realizing the battery is dead. This often happens at the most inopportune times, such as when you have a cart full of groceries you need to bring home or in the morning when you are already late for work. Luckily, there are some common warning signs that can tell you your battery is starting to drain and might be dying soon. This lets you replace the battery before that happens.

The Engine Doesn't Turn Over

One of the first warning signs you will notice when your battery starts dying is that it is more difficult to turn on your car. You will turn the key, and the engine takes longer than usual to turn over. It may take a few tries before the car starts, or when it does start, it doesn't feel like it is at full capacity. Or the starting might be erratic. It may start right away only half the time, and the other times it takes multiple tries.

The Headlights are Dimming

If you think you might have a battery that is dying, wait until nighttime and turn your headlights on. If it looks like they are dimmer than usual, this is another common sign that you need to replace your battery.

Another way to see if they are dimming is by asking someone else to stand in front of your car when you turn the headlights on. Ask them to look at the headlights when they are turned on, and continue looking at them as you turn the lights off. If they start fading away slowly instead of shutting off immediately, this is another red flag for needing a new battery.

Electronics Fail to Work Properly

The electronics in your car also require the battery to be in good condition. If the accessories, such as the radio or GPS unit, start going slowly, it might be from your battery. Anything electric in your vehicle that requires the ignition to be turned may have problem with a draining battery, even your windows. Try pushing the button to roll up your window; does it take a little longer to respond than usual? This may be an early warning sign.

You Have Jumped It More Than Once

If you have had to get your vehicle jumped more than once, this is a big warning sign to go get your battery replaced now. Most people only get their car jumped after the battery has already died, but others just have temporary issues starting their car. These should not be considered minor. While you may not have a major repair situation, it could be that you need to get that battery replaced.

Before buying a brand new battery, ask local auto repair shops, like Bionic Auto Parts. They might have a used one that still has a good amount of juice left.