Moving A Mobile Home: Why You Must Remove Everything Inside

If you are moving a mobile home, it is tempting to treat it like a moving van. That way of thinking can cost you everything you own, especially breakable items.

A Mobile Home is Not Actually a Trailer

While "trailer' is a common name for mobile homes, in reality, they are anything but mobile. They are built to be moved one time and settled in a permanent place. They are also built to be moved without anything inside, due to the already excessive weight of the home itself.

Remove and Pack Anything Breakable

A mobile home does not move smoothly down the highway. It is violently shaken and shifts from wind, highway obstructions, bumps, stops and starts. Anything breakable inside will be broken. Items you absolutely need to remove and pack with your household goods include:

  • Glass ceiling light fixtures, especially hanging or expensive stained or leaded glass.
  • Glass cabinet doors
  • Mirrored closet doors
  • Glass shower doors may be removed, but if not, they must be properly secured
  • Outside light fixtures should be completely removed, not just the glass globe
  • Anything inside that will be broken if shaken violently.

Remove your Furniture and Furnishings

Anything that adds weight to the home must be transported separately, in fact, most transport companies will require you to remove furniture. Mobile homes don't move in a straight line down the highway. The driver is constantly adjusting for wind and other circumstances that cause the load to shift. Even heavy furniture can be tossed around during the trip and possibly be destroyed and do damage to the interior. That heavy bed in the back bedroom can end up in the living room or, in the case of moving a double- or triple-wide, out on the highway, since one side of the section is only protected by a sheet of plastic. In a worst case scenario, shifting furniture can cause the mobile home to flip.

Mobile Home Moving Insurance

You absolutely must have moving insurance. Parts and siding can be ripped off of your mobile home during the move. Windows can and do get broken. Even secured items inside can come loose and cause damage. Driver error or unforeseen highway problems, such as accidents, can cause the whole rig to flip, completely destroying your home. Ask if your mover provides insurance, but shop around to get the best coverage at the best price.

Moving a mobile home is not a cakewalk, but a slow and grueling process, so you should always use a reliable and experienced transport company like TNT Equipment Hauling. Be sure they are bonded and insured and talk to a couple of satisfied customers if possible. This is your home, so do your due diligence to insure a successful move.