Driving School Tips: 2 Fundamental Lessons Your Teen Should Learn

You want to enroll your teen in a driving school to help him or her pass the driving test. But you also want to give your teen the best opportunity to become a safe driver. A good driving school can accomplish this. The following are just 2 things that should be offered by your teen's prospective driving school.

1. Safety & Proper Vehicle Inspection

You already know that a driving school will teach your teen the various traffic laws that he or she must abide by. But a good driving school will also offer your teenager an opportunity to learn a few things about his or her vehicle. This will make sure that the car they are driving is as safe as possible. The following are some things that you teen should learn while attending a driving school:

  1. A good driving instructor will teach your teen how to check his or her tires. Tires cannot be bald, and they must be properly inflated. A bad tire could cause a car to lose control, among other things. 
  2. Your child should learn some safety procedures. This is necessary should your teen's car stop on the highway. Your teen must know how turn on his or her emergency lights. And your teen should be taught to keep safety cones in his or her vehicle in case of an emergency. 
  3. Your teen should also learn how to check for leaks. Some leaks could interrupt the control of a vehicle and put your teen in danger. 

2. The Importance of Understanding Your Surroundings

Making your teen safe for the road will not only take his or her compliance with traffic laws. A good driving school will also teach your teen the necessary perception and vision skills needed to drive. Your teen needs to learn the 3 fundamental visual tools that all drivers must possess:

  1. Central vision refers to what the driver sees directly in front of him or her.
  2. Focal vision is what your teen sees next to him or her. You can use focal vision to see rear-view mirrors too.
  3. Peripheral vision allows a driver to notice movement changes in areas around his or her car.

The aforementioned visual skills and others should be second nature to your teen when he or she completes the driving lessons. Remember that the aforementioned are just a few of the lessons that a good driving school has to offer. There is much more, so do not be afraid to inquire.