Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fiberglass Truck Bodies

Fiberglass truck bodies are less common than truck bodies that are made out of aluminum or steel. However, they have gained popularity because of the numerous advantages that they provide. There are several pros and cons that are associated with purchasing a fiberglass truck body.


One of the advantages of purchasing a truck body that is made out of fiberglass is that that it is able to resist the corrosion that results from inclement weather or salt that has been applied to the roads. Steel truck bodies will develop unseemly rust unless properly cleaned on a regular basis, while fiberglass has no such problems.

Another advantage is that fiberglass is able to save you a great deal of money on fuel. This is because fiberglass is a lot lighter than steel or aluminum and, since it doesn't put as much stress on the car, the car doesn't need as much energy to move it. This can make transporting goods much cheaper.

One last advantage is that it is much harder to damage fiberglass in an accident because it is completely shatterproof. When a truck that is made out of aluminum or steel is in a car accident, it can be very likely that the body will shatter entirely and there will be a lot of damage done to the products or people inside.


The primary disadvantage that is associated with using fiberglass as the building material for your truck is that it is absolutely critical that the fiberglass truck body is a single piece. This is substantially more expensive than two-piece, fiberglass truck bodies, but if you purchase a two-piece, you are much more likely to experience problems.

Two-piece fiberglass bodies are not able to withstand as much stress because any large amount of weight will force apart the screws that are holding the truck body together. As a result, two-piece fiberglass bodies cannot be used for as wide a range of applications.

Another disadvantage is that the price of fiberglass is much more than the price of steel or aluminum. This is because the procedure for forming a single-piece truck body takes a long time and requires workers who have a great deal of skill in order for it to be completed correctly. The increased time cost and the higher wages drive the price up.

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