3 Signs Your Vehicle Has A Transmission Fluid Leak

Your vehicle's transmission requires fluid in order to stay lubricated and to run properly. Unfortunately, leaks can form over time and can cause your transmission to lose this fluid. By catching a leak as soon as possible, you can make necessary repairs. Then, you can help prevent the problems that can come from not having ample transmission fluid in your vehicle, such as poor performance or the need for having your transmission repaired or replaced. Below are three signs your transmission has a leak.

1. You Spot Transmission Fluid in Your Driveway

It might seem obvious, but many people don't notice when transmission fluid leaks in their driveways or in parking lots. However, it's always a good idea to keep an eye out for liquids that are leaking from the undercarriage of your vehicle. Transmission fluid is generally bright red in color, and it typically has a sweet smell. Unlike coolant, which can leak out of your vehicle when your air conditioning is running, you should never spot even small amounts of transmission fluid underneath your car. If you do, you almost surely have a leak that needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

2. Low Transmission Fluid Levels

When your car gets an oil change, it's a smart idea to check your transmission fluid level and to top off the fluid to ensure that there is enough to keep your car in good shape. However, if you are finding that your transmission fluid level is low every time that you check it, there's probably a reason for it. If your level is low two oil changes in a row, there is a strong chance that you have a leak.

3. Poor Performance

A vehicle that does not have enough transmission fluid might begin operating poorly. You might notice that your car is not accelerating as quickly as it should, that it isn't changing gears without "skipping" or "missing" or that you are having trouble shifting your car into reverse or other gears. If you notice this poor performance, one of the first things that you should check is for a transmission fluid leak.

You should always make sure that your car has plenty of transmission fluid if you want to keep it in good shape. Luckily, your car should give you some signs that it has a leak. If you notice any of these three things, you should take your car to a transmission repair shop like McCarty's Transmision Service Inc. as soon as possible.