3 Reasons To Call A Tow Company Without Needing A Tow

Thanks to cellphones, it's a lot less worrisome to take a long trip somewhere if you have recently been having car troubles. If your car breaks down, you can call for help from almost anywhere. Aside from getting your car towed, there are a few other reasons you may seek help from a tow company (such as Fredericktown Marathon). Here are three important services tow companies offer aside from towing services:

Tow Companies Offer Fast Locksmith Services

If you get locked out of your car late at night, on the freeway or in a sketchy area, it can be scary. Most tow companies can get to your location in an hour or less, if you are close to the town they are stationed in. Many tow companies have on staff trained locksmiths, specifically specialized in opening or fixing car locks. Even if the local tow company doesn't have a locksmith on staff, they will likely have a slim jim that can be used to get into your vehicle through the window and pop open your lock. It's better to have your vehicle unlocked by a locksmith because it will prevent damage to your window rubber seal.

Tow Companies Offer Battery Help and Light Replacement

Most people have experienced having their car battery go out because headlights were left on or a light was on in the car. Not only can the battery go completely dead, but your lights may burnout as well. If it's late at night, you can rely on a tow company to come and jump your battery with jumper cables, or they can install a replacement battery for you. Not only that, but many tow services include replacing front headlights and taillights. This will allow you to start your car again and avoid getting a ticket on your way home for having a light out. Because the services come to you, it does cost more to have these repairs done on the road than at a mechanics shop. If you have roadside insurance, however, these services may be fully covered.

Tow Companies Can Bring Gasoline or Oil to You

Whether you have an oil leak or you've run out of gas, you can have gas and oil delivered to where your car has stopped. If you have kids in the car, it's comforting to know you won't have to walk a long distance to get gas in a spare gas can. Most tow companies can deliver several gallons of diesel or unleaded fuel and put it in your tank for you.

When you consider that having your vehicle towed and stored is the most expensive service provided by tow companies, it's always good to know that you can use other services as an alternative to a tow. Most tow companies have numerous roadside services available 24-hours a day.