Expanding Your Machine Part And Maitenance Company To Offer Logistic Services

If your company supplies parts and does machine maintenance for other companies and you want to offer a hauling services as well, there are a few easy ways to get this service up and going. Logistics is a valuable market to get into, and this is a great way to expand your business.

You can start a machine hauling business at a low cost if you know how to market and what to buy. Here are a few key important steps to take to get things going. 

Find Used Mack Trucks

Used mack trucks are going to be far more affordable than new vehicles, and you won't have to spend a lot while you're starting your company. Have a certified truck mechanic check out any used truck before you buy, and make sure you compare multiple vehicles to ensure you aren't paying too high a price.

Get Insurance

Call your company lawyer and insurance provider to ensure you have all the right coverage for this type of business. You want your drivers and all property they are hauling to be covered, so you don't have liability issues. The companies you haul for will also want to see proof of your insurance, to ensure their machines are covered on your truck.

Advertise to Current Customers

First let all the current companies you do maintenance and supply parts for know that you're going to be offering a hauling service. This is going to be free advertisement, and it's a great way to get your business up and running. They can give you references and help spread the word about your business. Besides current customers, you can use social media and a website to attract other local companies.

Hire Part-Time Drivers

Adding more full-time employees to your company may be an expense you aren't ready to take on. Instead, make the drivers 1099 employees, or only have them come on as part-time workers. This way you aren't required to offer them full-time benefits at all.   

There are always companies that are looking to get drivers to haul machinery and other heavy equipment, and offering this service is a great way to increase your annual business profits. Look at the different mack trucks available to buy at a low cost (from an outlet such as Arrow Truck Sales), and drivers that are willing to work for you without being a full time employee to get your business going. You may already have all the customers you need.