Nitrogen Nation: Understanding The Benefits Of Nitrogen-Filled Tires

An increasing number of tire shops have begun offering nitrogen as a tire filling option in recent years. If you aren't familiar with how it works or why it's being offered, you may dismiss it when you buy new tires. Nitrogen use isn't as new an idea as you may think. It's a popular option among the racing industry and the airlines, among others. Here's a look at a few reasons why you should consider opting for a nitrogen fill the next time you're in the tire shop.

It Maintains Consistent Pressure

Nitrogen is denser than air, which means that it isn't as likely to seep through the same small holes that air would. This helps you to maintain more consistent pressure across your tires because you won't be as likely to experience leaks. This consistency is important, because the tire pressure affects its wear, and uneven pressure in your tires leads to uneven tread wear and handling problems.

It Runs Cooler

Nitrogen-filled tires typically run a little bit cooler than tires filled with air because nitrogen is more efficient at dispersing heat. This reduces the repeated heating and cooling processes, which will reduce your tire wear over time.

It Doesn't Retain Moisture

Compressed air, like that used in tires, retains moisture. There's always some degree of condensation inside air-filled tires. This can lead to oxidation on the inside of the rims, which leads to rust flakes and other particles that can damage the tires. Nitrogen, on the other hand, doesn't condensate when compressed, so there's no moisture retention to be concerned with.

It Improves Fuel Efficiency

All of these features help you preserve the condition of your tires in a more consistent manner. This is important, because that consistency will help you maintain more consistent fuel efficiency. When your tire condition stays consistent over longer periods, you don't have the same problems with tires being out of balance or tread wear causing handling problems. This reduces the drag on the tires, which will help you to maintain your fuel economy longer than with air-filled tires.

With so many benefits to nitrogen-filled tires, it's no wonder more shops are offering it every day. If you've been on the fence about it or simply didn't understand why tire shops are providing this option, these benefits can help you see why it is used. For more information, contact F & H Tire Co or a similar company.