Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fiberglass Truck Bodies

Fiberglass truck bodies are less common than truck bodies that are made out of aluminum or steel. However, they have gained popularity because of the numerous advantages that they provide. There are several pros and cons that are associated with purchasing a fiberglass truck body. Advantages: One of the advantages of purchasing a truck body that is made out of fiberglass is that that it is able to resist the corrosion that results from inclement weather or salt that has been applied to the roads. Read More 

Take Your Classic Car To The Professionals

There are few things in this world that are as beautiful as a classic car or truck that has been restored. It is truly a sight to see when a classic car comes cruising down the road. Many times it is evident that a professional did not do the body and paint work on the car. It is definitely fun to restore a vehicle however, it is almost impossible to do body and paint work without the proper tools. Read More 

Getting The Most Of Your Hybrid Battery

As a hybrid car owner, you see the many advantages your car has over regular gas guzzlers.  The car's display gives instant feedback about your gas efficiency which hones your ability to drive with an energy-conscious attitude.  With both gas and electric power available, you have the best of both worlds in your hybrid.  You save gas as well as wear and tear at lower speeds and when idling.  Plus, you have the power to get-up-and-go at higher speeds. Read More