Three Towing Options You Should Understand Before Calling A Tow Service

If you need to have your car towed, you have several different tow truck options to consider. As a driver and car owner, it's important to understand each of the tow truck choices before you call for help. This way, you'll be able to request the type of truck you need based on your situation. Here's a look at the three primary towing methods to choose from the next time you need a tow.

Hook and Chain Towing

Although hook and chain towing isn't nearly as common as it has been in the past, it can still be done sometimes with cars that were totaled after an accident. Since this kind of towing process can damage the car further in some instances, it's usually reserved for cars that are going straight to scrap. Hook and chain towing uses a heavy chain that has a hook on one end. The hook gets secured to the vehicle, while the chains are anchored to the tow truck. Then, the car is towed with all four of the wheels on the ground.

Dolly Towing

Dolly towing is a process that uses a tow bar attached to either the rear or front axle. Then, a hydraulic system lifts the wheels and axle attached to the tow bar, leaving the other two wheels to roll on the ground. Trucks used for dolly towing are usually smaller than the trucks used for flatbed or other tow cycles. These are ideal for light vehicles and short transportation. It's also ideal if the car is too wide to fit on a flatbed truck.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing has become the standard for many tow services, primarily because they are versatile and can tow almost any vehicle. The flat surface on the back of the truck makes it easy to tow cars with axle damage, worn or damaged tires and other problems. Additionally, they're usually used for four-wheel and all-wheel-drive cars. If you're concerned about further damage to your car in transit or you just want to be sure that it's stable and secure, this is a good option.

With flatbed towing, the car is attached to a hook and winch system that will pull the car up onto the flatbed surface. Once it's in place, a set of chains are locked in place around the tires. This keeps your car secure while it's being transported.

No matter what your towing needs, understanding your options will help you to discuss the problem with the towing service and request the truck that you need. For more information, contact a company like Country City Towing.