Saving On Your Energy Bill

The prices of home heating fuel and oil can be expensive when trying to run a household in the winter months. Along with colder weather comes rising bills from increased usage. There are ways that you can save on your energy bill without spending a lot of effort to do so. Here are some ways that will help keep your home heating fuel bills at an affordable level.

How Drafty Is Your Home?

You should check all windows and doors for draftiness, and remedy any areas that seem to be letting your heat outside. This can be done by using a lit incense stick. You can lightly wave the stick around the window or door to see if you notice any sudden movement in the stream of smoke. If you notice flickering, that spot will need sealing. You can use weather-stripping to fill in any gaps. Place a door sweep on the bottoms of all of your doors to help keep drafts at bay. You can place a door draft blocker against the bottom of your doors to further stop air from escaping.

Cover Up Glass

You should try to cover any glass window panes to stop heat from escaping to the outdoors. Insulating window film can be placed on any glass surface to help stop this from occurring. Simply cut to fit your windows and stick in place. The film can be removed in the spring. Use insulated drapes or curtains to help keep your heat inside, as well. The thicker the material, the better.

Heating Vents

Close off any rooms that you are not using, and shut off the heating vents or the baseboard heaters in these rooms. This will allow the heat to warm the rooms that you are using. The heater will not come on for as long if there is less area to heat.

Turn Down The Thermostat

If you turn the thermostat down a degree or two lower than where you normally keep it set, it may not be noticeably cooler in your home. Keep it set at the lower level when no one is planning to be at home. You can raise it when everyone is home. Use an extra layer of clothing or bedding if you feel cold. After a while, your body will become accustomed to the lower heating level in which you set your thermostat. Consider installing a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to specify times that you would like the temperature to be at a lower rate, saving on fuel costs.