How To Avoid Collisions When Driving

With so many vehicles on the road today, it is sometimes stressful just driving to the store downtown. Highway driving can be very congested at times and you need to deal with large trucks in addition to regular traffic. With so many variables, having a collision is something that you are always trying to avoid.

Here is some information that you can use to help you avoid crashes and what to do if it is inevitable that one will happen to you:

Rear-End Collision

A rear-end collision is when one vehicle slams into the back of another vehicle. This is most often caused by tailgating behavior, but can also be a result of not paying attention to the road due to distraction. When someone hits the back of another vehicle, whiplash can be an injury that is obtained in the process. To avoid having a rear-end collision, make sure to use your turn signals well in advance of turns involving stop signs and traffic signals.

You should try to maintain three seconds from the person in front of you. If you think you are going to get hit from behind, drive forward a little to reduce damage, if possible. The person who hits the bumper of the person in front of them will be the person to blame for insurance purposes.

Head-On Collisions

Of all types of collisions, having a head-on collision is the most deadly. This is when two vehicles hit each other face to face. If travelling at fast speeds, drivers can be thrown through windshields or out of the vehicle. When driving on a multi-lane highway, always pick the right side lane to do your driving. That way, if a vehicle veers over to your side of the road from the opposite side, you may have enough time to move off of the shoulder. 

Broad-Side Collisions

A broad-side collision is when one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. It usually happens when one vehicle is turning left and the other has the right of way and is going straight. It can also happen when a vehicle fails to stop for a traffic light. If you see that there is no way out of the collision, grip your steering wheel tight so you are not thrown from your vehicle and also so you maintain control of it.

In Summary

There are many kinds of collisions that can happen on the road. When driving, you must be sure to always be attentive to what is going on around you. Never do things such as play with your phone or put on makeup, as this will distract you from the traffic around you. If there is a large accident as a result of a collision, or if your vehicle is no longer able to be driven, call a tow truck immediately to get your vehicle off of the road.

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