Three Common Mistakes You Need To Know Before You Purchase Your Next Boat

For many people, there's nothing like the lure of the open water. No matter what you'll be doing on the water, purchasing a boat can be an exciting time. Unfortunately, it can be easy to make a mistake when purchasing a boat, even for someone who has done it before. Here's a look at some of the most common mistakes people make, and what you can do to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not Paying Attention to the Maximum Capacity Even though every motorized boat shorter than 20 feet must have what's called a "capacity plate," most people never pay attention to it. While it is unlikely you'd come close to that amount, think about when you first get your boat, and all your family and friends want to join in the fun. Or think about the summer holiday when everyone wants to be on the water. You'd be surprised how easy it would be to get too close to your boat's capacity. Having too many people in your boat will put a strain on the engine and could potentially cause the boat edges to dip under the water, plus it will simply be uncomfortable for your guests. The maximum capacity is there for a reason.

Mistake #2: Not Finding the Right Boat for Your Needs

Even among experienced buyers, this is a common mistake. All boats are not created equally. Purchase your boat with your specific needs in mind. Certain boats cater to fishermen, some are suited for water sports, and some are simply best for cruising. Especially with hundreds of options available today, it's easy to choose a boat that's not right for your intended use. 

Mistake #3: Not Paying Attention to Resale Value

Purchasing a boat is certainly an exciting time, and as you're pulling into the water for the first time, you're probably not even thinking about the day when you're going to sell your boat. But even if you absolutely love boating and fishing, there will come a time when you're ready to trade yours in for a new model. There are plenty of places online where you can check for the value of a used boat, and it will be fairly easy to see that certain brands hold their resale value better than others. Make sure you pay attention to what region you'll be selling your boat in, as each region of the country has their own favorite brand.

Choosing the right boat for you is a fun experience, but it can be pretty confusing. It may feel intimidating trusting a dealer to help you make this decision, but they've been in this situation before. Dealers, such as LSK Marine, have probably helped hundreds of people just like you find the perfect boat for their needs. With a little help and planning, you'll be on the water in no time!