Oh No, Phone In The Toilet: Three Tips For Emergency Cellphone Water Repair

It can happen to anyone; your phone with all your info, contacts and photos falls into the water of a sink, bath, toilet or tub. Do not worry; there are some ways to get your phone back if you act fast. By taking swift action, such as removing the battery and parts, you may be able to save your phone or at least the data you have on it. Here are some quick help tips to help rescue your phone:

1. Removing The Battery As Fast As You Can

Once your phone has fallen in water, remove it and the battery quickly. The sooner you remove the battery from your phone, the less likely it will be to have a short in the circuits. Do this and dry any water that is on the surface of the phone.

2. Dismantling And Drying Any Loose Parts

With the battery out of your phone, start taking all the parts you can off of it. Remove memory cards, sim and other loose pieces to dry. Dry all the parts with a towel to reduce damage; you can use the cloth to clean the screen or sunglasses. Remove any parts that you can easily remove without damaging the phone and dry them too.

3. Setting Phone In Front Of Fan For Hours

If you cannot get all the parts off your phone, set it in front of a fan for several hours. Let the parts completely dry before you put your phone back together. You can try using a hairdryer to get some of the water in the phone to evaporate. You may want to use the dryer, wait a few hours and then repeat the process.

4. Cleaning With Alcohol When Completely Dry

It is important to not put the phone back together until it is completely dry. If there are dirty pieces or water that you cannot get out, use alcohol to clean it. The alcohol with evaporate quickly without damaging your phone. Water may still in the phone, so you will want to still let it dry. You may want to let it dry overnight, then repeat the process the next day.

These are some things that you can do to get your phone back when it has fell in water. If your phone is still dead, contact a dealer of cellphone batteries to replace the one in your phone and see if it works again.   

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