Early Warning Signs Of A Car Battery Dying

There are few things more frustrating than starting your car and realizing the battery is dead. This often happens at the most inopportune times, such as when you have a cart full of groceries you need to bring home or in the morning when you are already late for work. Luckily, there are some common warning signs that can tell you your battery is starting to drain and might be dying soon. Read More 

Was Your Car Stolen Or Towed? How To Tell

When you car isn't where you left it, that doesn't mean it was stolen. Your car may have been towed for obvious (or not so obvious) reasons. Here are some clues to help you locate your vehicle quickly. You'll also find some tips to help you avoid getting towed again. Why Did Your Car Get Towed? If you can determine why your car was towed, then it will be much easier to find. Read More 

Three Signs Your Brakes May Not Be As Good As You Think

Your car's brakes have gone a very long time without repairs. In fact, you do not think much of it because the brakes do not squeal or feel differently under your foot. The truth is, you can grow accustomed to the slow deterioration of your brakes and not even know it. It is only when you have experienced brakes in other ways that you realize that your own are worse off than you thought. Read More 

Saving On Your Energy Bill

The prices of home heating fuel and oil can be expensive when trying to run a household in the winter months. Along with colder weather comes rising bills from increased usage. There are ways that you can save on your energy bill without spending a lot of effort to do so. Here are some ways that will help keep your home heating fuel bills at an affordable level. How Drafty Is Your Home? Read More 

3 Reasons To Shop From A Used Car Dealership

Shopping for a used car? If so, being a smart shopper is a must, as you are obviously not the original owner of the car and may not know the full history report of the car that you are thinking about buying. Well, to better protect your investment when buying a used and to ensure you are getting reliable information about the car you are shopping for, you will find it much more comforting and easier to buy from a used car dealer. Read More